Ever hear of the saying "Don't let the bedbugs bite?"

Well it is not a myth! Bed bugs do bite and they are very experienced travelers. You wouldn't ever think that a million-dollar home would have bed bugs, right?  Well think again... Even the biggest, cleanest and most organized homes can become a harborage sight for bed bugs. Many people relate Bed Bugs directly to a sanitation issue which is not the case at all and many people that have extreme cleanliness are even at risk. Bed bugs can travel from anywhere including but not limited to where you work, your college, your child’s school, trains, planes, hotels rooms, doctor offices and furniture stores. With that being said, sanitation is still a key factor in aiding with proper pest management. **By using over the counter products for an alternative, this can leave your issue way worse than it was to begin with. It's always recommended to leave the extermination of bed bugs or any pest related issue up to a professional so products are not misapplied.**

Our Home Guard Plus Yard ++ plan is a guaranteed way to protect your home from a variety of common household pests. We will inspect all potential areas and recommend a treatment method based on the level of infestation. If you are unsure if you may potentially have bed bugs, make sure you call us to come out and inspect before the issue is way out of control. CALL NOW! 781-333-1998