Your Best Pest Resolution for All Year Protection!

At Best Known Pest Control, we understand that living in New England contributes to many Pest and wildlife related issues to homes all around. No matter the time of year pests are right under our noses whether we like to believe it or not. To put your mind at ease, we are always here to help in protecting your home.

- It's our # 1 Priority

Our Guarded Protection Plans

Home Guard

Home Guard provides protection to your home against pest such as Wasps, Centipedes, Spiders, Firebrats, Roaches, Silverfish, Ants, Mice and Rats

Home Guard Plus Yard

Home Guard plus Yard  provides extended protection to your yard against pests listed in Home Guard with the addition of Mosquitoes and Ticks

Home Guard Plus Yard++

Home Guard plus Yard ++

provides the same protection from all the pests in Home Guard Plus Yard along with Bed Bugs

This Plan is the best to choose if your household frequently has guests or you travel; since this increases the risk of bringing home Bed Bugs

At The End of A Treatment

When each service is finished at your home or business, the customer will be given an electronic service report that breaks down every detail of that service. Each report displays the current conditions found, materials used, images taken of problematic sites, and our technician recommendations and invoice; with the bonus feature to pay the balance online-hassle free.

When do we come Back?

If a new or recurring pest issue is discovered,  under warranty, we will always follow up and return to your property in a timely manner to take care of the pest problem. Each follow up will be scheduled based on the technicians discretion and activity level of each pest. Each of our Protection plans are warrantied so you'll never have to worry about a pest issue ever going unnoticed!

Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal!

Your Best Pest Resolution

Call or email us at 781-333-1998 to schedule your in home inspection and keep your home and yard protected from the different pests!