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Keeping Squirrels Out of Your Attic this Winter!

Oct 13, 2022 | Pest Control News

The cold is here and so are the squirrels. The long frigid nights and warmer days already have squirrels looking for a place to nest; and your attic is one of the first areas they turn to.

In the fall Gray Squirrel nesting sites are clear to find once all the leaves are missing from the spring and summer foliage. This makes these large balls of leaves and twigs easily identifiable among the naked tree branches. Gray Squirrels also nest inside the cavity of Trees like the North American raccoon. Many search for a warmer place to live since the leaves and twigs only create so much shelter from the harsh weather. Tree holes are also created and used in competition by other types of wildlife which makes it more difficult to find these premium nesting sites.

The Next Step for Squirrels Is Your Home!

It is easy to think that a squirrels only way on to your home is a tree branch overhanging your roof. Usually trimming branches back is a justifiable solution. Unfortunately, squirrels are very good climbers. These little guys will have no issue running up the side of your home along the down spout or digging their claws into your siding to get to where they need to go. They more commonly love to climb the telephone poles and prance along the power lines with their food or nesting material in their mouth. Keep in mind they can leap at least five to six feet. On top of this once a squirrel finds a rotted area around the roofline, an accessible soffit or dormer or even a compromised piece of siding, its fair game. They will make their entry hole big enough where it is comfortable for them to travel in and out when they choose. Once inside they will nest; either by bringing nesting material from the outside much like a mouse consisting of leaves, pine needles, twigs or discarded trash. They are also not against just using the insulation in your attic as a nice blanket of cover as well, the type of insulation also makes no difference whatsoever. There is also a common misconception that the gray squirrel also known as a tree squirrel is the only type of squirrel that will get into your attic space, this is not entirely true. Red squirrels and flying squirrels are also very common.

Squirrels are active all year round and do not go into hibernation during the winter. Some harsh weather may make them more timid to exit their cozy ball of warmth once inside but, this does not stop them from having to gather food when their supply is low. That’s right squirrels hoard their food like many rodents, they stash it in different areas to survive longer periods of time without having to go very far from their home, which is now your attic! The worst part is they need to gnaw on objects to keep their front incisor teeth filed down, this means they will chew through electrical wires posing a risk to electrical shortages. Lastly they like to urinate and poop… a lot, meaning your storage (if it doesn’t already have holes) may be covered in their waste! as well. Yuck!

What to Do if You Suspect Squirrels in Your Attic?

The first sign of squirrels in your attic is usually associated with noises of scurrying or scratching in the daytime or early evening before it gets dark. It is always recommend that you contact a Pest Control Professional that is familiar in dealing with wildlife. Many think they can just seal off openings with foam additional piece of lumber replacing the one they have already gnawed through, but this is the wrong thing to do. At Best Known Pest Control we offer removal and exclusion strategies to allow the squirrel to exit and not regain entry harm free.

What We Do for Getting and Keeping the Squirrels Out!

Even if squirrels aren’t yet a problem in your attic it is not uncommon to make it so your home is squirrel proof. Squirrel proofing or Squirrel exclusion methods are used to block potential and yet already compromised areas from becoming a point of entry in the future.

Here at Best Known Pest Control, we inspect the roofline of your home along with all other potential areas that we can then exclude or reinforce to keep them out for good. It also doesn’t hurt to have a squirrel exclusion done before these squirrels decide to move in!


Keeping Squirrels Out of Your Attic this Winter!
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