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Best Known Pest Control provides rodent control services for residential and commercial property owners in Middlesex County Massachusetts and beyond. If you have a mice or rat problem, call Best Known Pest Control for an estimate and to schedule a service call or inspection.

Rodent Control For:

  • Norway Rats
  • Field Mice
  • White Footed Mice
  • House Mice
  • Deer Mice
  • And Just About Any Other Type of Rodent!

Rodents can present minor to major health and safety threats to our everyday lives, whether they are outside, in our houses, in your business space or even at restaurant locations. Rodents one main source of survival is eating a substantial amount of food and with that, they need a food source and shelter which could very well be the inside of your home. Along with rodents needing a food source, they can also become a major nuisance when your everyday valuables become damaged, they decide to nest in unsuspected areas, and gnaw on or through wires which can create a fire hazard.

With rodents nesting inside your home, they tend to urinate and leave behind droppings everywhere which can be unsanitary and even cause health issues to you, your family and business employees.

No one wants to have any type of rodent problem in their home or business and getting it under control as quick as possible is the most important thing to do. For Mice Exterminators Near Me call Best Known Pest Control today.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control strategy that uses a variety of methods to discourage pests from invading your home or business. IPM can be used to control both indoor and outdoor pests, and it is an effective way to reduce the use of pesticides. IPM begins with preventing, which means taking steps to keep pests out of your home or business in the first place. This can beg pests from entering your property, and then using physical, chemical, and biological controls to manage them.

IPM is a sustainable approach to pest management that can save you money, reduce your exposure to pesticides, and protect the environment. IPM is flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your home or business. To learn more about IPM contact Best Known Pest Control.

Think You Need Rodent Invasion Control?

Do you think your house is infested with mice or rats? Have you come across food items with bites or little holes in the packaging? Do you have any tiny messes in your kitchen? Worst of all, do you hear their screams and flee around? Unfortunately, mice, or even worse, rats, have infested your home. These creatures can be a major annoyance as well as a health risk. They are particularly capable of transmitting diseases, leaving bacteria behind, and, most critically, contaminating your food with their feces. What should I do? The best course of action is to leave it to the pros.

It’s better to leave it to us, Best Known Pest Control, if you’re certain you have a mouse or rat problem in your house. You may believe that getting rid of mice or rats is as simple as setting out a trap or rat poison, but it is a little more involved. As a result, it’s critical that you choose an expert that knows what they’re doing. Mice and rats are well-known for being intelligent, versatile, and fond of hiding in areas where you wouldn’t expect them to fit. They can do major damage to your home and even ignite fires, which is an issue. Allow our team of skilled rodent control professionals to solve your rodent problem.

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We are just a phone call away if you need rodent control for pests like mice or rats! To schedule a rodent control service, please call Best Known Pest Control at  781-333-1998, or email us at or complete the website form on this page.

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Rodent Control

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