Rodent Invasion Control

Rodents by definition are known as "a gnawing mammal of an order that includes rats, mice, and squirrels and their relatives"

Rodents can present minor to major health and safety threats to our everyday lives, whether they’re outside, in our houses, in your business space or even at restaurant locations. Rodents one main source of survival is eating a substantial amount of food and with that, they need a food source and shelter which could very well be the inside of your home. Along with rodents needing a food source, they can also become a major nuisance when your everyday valuables become damaged, they decide to nest in unsuspected areas, and gnaw on or through wires; which can create a fire hazard.

With rodents nesting inside your home, they tend to urinate and leave behind droppings everywhere which can be unsanitary and even cause health issues to you, your family and business employees. 

No one wants to have any type of rodent problem in their home or business and getting it under control as well as resolving it as soon as possible is the most important thing to do, so call us now so we can help!

A very well known and beneficial approach that our pest industry takes part in to reduce potential harm to our environment and people is known as Integrated Pest Management; or IPM for short. The different approach we use day to day that are in fact the backbone to IPM; to successfully remove problematic pests, are biological control, habitat manipulation and modification of cultural practices. In order to best resolve a pest problem, we strategize and follow critical steps to address the underlying issue. In doing so, we then gear you towards one of our Home Guard Plans to stay on top of the problem and prevent any future pests from invading.