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If you are dealing with a squirrel removal problem in your Massachusetts home, you may be wondering what the best way to remove them is. While there are many methods of pest control out there, the most humane way to remove squirrels is by using a professional service like Best Known Pest Control. We specialize in safe and effective squirrel removal, and our wildlife animal control experts will make sure that your home is free of these pesky critters in no time.

Best Known Pest Control provides humane squirrel removal services using one-way doors. This allows the squirrel to exit the home and prevents them from re-entering. Then once they have exited, we will implement innovative exclusion and prevention strategies to keep them out.

How Do Squirrels Get in Your Home?

Squirrels seem to be everywhere in Massachusetts. They’re hopping from tree to tree and sprinting along power lines, Squirrels are relatively harmless in these environments if you don’t try to handle them.

A squirrel will enter your property through an existing aperture or by gnawing a large enough hole to fit through. Tree squirrels commonly use weak spots around roofs, such as vents, eaves, and soffits, to gain access. They can use a power wire or a tree to get to the roof.

These tree squirrels, which are mostly eastern gray squirrels in this area, can climb and jump between elevated perches. Natural foods such as fruits and nuts are favored, but many are habituated to eating human garbage.

When a female gives birth, which can happen several times a year, nesting is usual. During the winter months, when berries and nuts are sparse, many squirrel species will establish a horde of food they can rely on.

Squirrels Can Cause a Variety of Issues

  • Animal Remains — An animal trapped within your walls may eventually die, leaving foul-smelling remains that attract vermin.
  • Diseases – Squirrels can transmit diseases to people such as leptospirosis, salmonella, and perhaps rabies.
  • Other Pests – Fleas, mites, and ticks can be carried in on a squirrel’s back and dispersed throughout the property.

Squirrels in attics can create a number of problems for homeowners. Not only are they noisy, but they can also cause damage to your insulation and wiring. In some cases, squirrels have even been known to start fires by chewing through electrical wires. If you suspect that you have a squirrel problem in your home, it is important to act fast and call a professional for help. Best Known Pest Control has years of experience dealing with squirrel infestations, and we can help you get rid of these unwanted guests for good. Give us a call today to learn more about our squirrel removal services!

Pheromones are also left by squirrels in the regions where they nest, reproduce, or discharge themselves. These are substances that can attract other squirrels to the same site, resulting in a repeated infestation from a few animals.

There is a concern regarding aggression whether you have one squirrel or several. Squirrels may appear to be curious and cute, but they are capable of biting and will do so if cornered. Aggression is on the rise, especially in densely populated places such as Massachusetts, as squirrels get increasingly accustomed to humans and reliant on them for food. When there is a scarcity of food, squirrels will resort to more desperate measures to survive.

How Do We Get Rid of Squirrels?

Squirrels are removed by Best Known Pest Control in a safe and compassionate manner. We capture squirrels with specific traps, keeping the animals alive and moving them to a safer location. Once the squirrel has been eliminated, we use exclusion (closing all entrance points) to keep them out and damage repair to make it appear as if they never existed.

To receive a squirrel removal estimate, or to schedule an inspection or treatment, please call Best Known Pest Control at 781-333-1998, or email us at or complete the website form on this page.

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Squirrel Removal
Squirrel Removal

Squirrel damage isn’t covered by homeowners insurance because it’s considered preventable!

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