Squirrels getting inside your home is the easy part; getting them out is the part! Squirrels will nest in your home no matter the time of year even though the winter months seem more prominent for them to do so to escape the cold weather.

**Eastern grey squirrels** are known to invade gardens as well as destroy delicate vegetables which may have taken a homeowner a meticulous amount of time to grow and maintain. They can also be seen consuming an array of fruit, nuts and seeds around the vicinity of your property.  Having trees and overhanging branches around a home or business makes easy work for a squirrel to scurry or leap on top of a roof or find an area that may be easily accessible, this does not mean that they will not climb up your siding or downspout as well to get to where they need to go. What starts our as birds nesting in a small opening can be soon taken over by the Grey squirrel; they will easily make an opening bigger to best suite their body shape and that's it; home sweet home!

**Flying Squirrels** are a far more unfamiliar and evasive type of squirrel that can enter through much smaller openings with their slim bodies. They can squeeze through and opening as small as a half inch, unlike the Eastern Gray Squirrel. Flying squirrels like to glide from large diameter trees usually overhanging the roofline of a building or home. They will also take residence in dead trees and leaf litters much like Gray Squirrels called "Dreys". Flying squirrels have even been known to nest underground as well and they won't hesitate to come to a much warmer place inside your attic if access is made readily available. 

Squirrels like to take full advantage of already compromised wood; from rotted fascia boards or loosened flimsy vinyl or wooden soffits as their points of access. Squirrels will enter at any means necessary. Some entry points can be tough to find since they don't always leave obvious evidence of their presence by squeezing behind a piece of flashing or using and old bird nesting sight as their own. These can be very dominant creatures so blocking them out is an alternative but may not always be the best option. If you have squirrels and would like to get rid of them or if you would like to take a precaution against them, finding entry sooner than later is best. 

It all starts with one inspection!