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If you search for bee exterminators Bedford, you will find Best Known Pest Control, a local team of bee exterminators. Our team of experienced professionals provide pest control services for homeowners dealing with nuisance like bees and hornets within their property. Put your mind at ease by eliminating pests and other nuisances from your life by calling Best Known Pest Control today for a free estimate.

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Concern should be expressed if you notice bees buzzing around your home and you think they are nesting on your property. If fuzzy little bumble bees with black-and-yellow stripes fall in your garden, that’s not a problem. However, if you notice other bumble bees around your wooden areas, they could be carpenter bees, which you definitely don’t want. Do-it-yourself bee removal or relocation can be risky, and you never want to accidentally harm a honey bee. For this reason, you should call a reputable pest control company like Best Know Pest Control.

Professional pest control companies like Best Known Pest Control, know how to identify harmful bees from beneficial ones and create treatment plans to eliminate or remove them from your property.

What to Know About Bee Exterminators Near Bedford

It’s important to know that responsible pest control companies like Best Known Pest Control will take all reasonable precautions to prevent harming beneficial pollinators like bumble bees and honey bees. Large losses in these species have put our ecosystem at danger. Some species are now fortunately protected.

Bumble Bees

A little bit over an inch in length, bumble bees are huge, fluffy insects with black and white stripes and stubby wings. Typically, they construct their nests close to the ground, such as beneath compost and wood heaps. They will occasionally even construct underground nests in rodent-made tunnels. There are normally several hundred individual bees in most bumble bee hives.

While females have stingers, men do not. They only sting, though, when provoked. Bumble bees may sting several times and do not lose their stinger after each attack, in contrast to honey bees, whose stingers fall off after an attack.

Honey Bees

At approximately 12 to 78 inches, honey bees are substantially smaller than bumble bees. In places like hollowed-out logs and trees, as well as occasionally fence posts, they construct their nests. In comparison to bumble bee colonies, honey bee colonies are substantially larger; one hive can contain between 10,000 and 80,000 bees.

A threat will cause honey bees to sting. Their barbed stinger embeds itself beneath the skin when they sting a victim. The honey bee is unable to remove it again and quickly expires.

Carpenters Bees

Despite not having hair, carpenter bees resemble bumble bees in appearance and have a slick black abdomen. These bees reside in parks, fields, and houses with sheds and gardens. Carpenter bees drill holes into wood to construct a sequence of “galleries” where they lay their eggs, unlike bumble bees and honey bees. They do not dwell in colonies and are not social beings. Carpenter bees can only sting when threatened or provoked, and only the females do it.

Hornet and Wasp Nest Removal

These pests are often mistaken for bees by people. Wasps and hornets, on the other hand, are more deadly and aggressive than bees and frequently sting or bite people. They frequently construct their nests on porches, in doorframes, and on building eaves. Similar to this, hornets’ nests can also be found on the ground, in floor joints, and on walls.

Hornets require a location to construct their nests. Awnings, window sills, gutters, or any other structure that provides them with a ledge to build on can be used to start a hive. Hornets, unlike bees, do not die after stinging, thus they can sting you again, causing harm or even death if you or your family are attacked too many times. Hornets can also generate an assault pheromone that can cause other hornets to attack.

Best Known Pest Control will work efficiently and effectively to remove the stress of bees or hornets from your property. Call our team of professionals today to ensure safety around your home.

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If you are interested in learning more about trustworthy bee exterminators Bedford, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Best Known Pest Control today. For more information or to get started with us, call 781-333-1998 or request an estimate.

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