Best Known Pest Control

Terms & Conditions

1.  Other than the warranty as stated in the customer proposal.

Best Known Pest Control, LLC (Best Known Pest) makes no warranties or guarantees as to the effectiveness of the services, either expressed or implied.  To the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, Best Known Pest disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.

2.  All payments are fully earned upon receipt.  Year-long services must be paid for in full, on or before the date services begin.

Due to the limited number of clients Best Known Pest can accommodate, year-long services/Agreements can be cancelled at any time, but are not entitled to a refund.

This also incudes but, is not limited to any other type of service with any type of warranty performed by Best Known Pest Control.

3.  Best Known Pest is not responsible for on-going damage caused by pests during services or the warranty period, or for damage caused by pests incurred after the warranty period detailed in the proposal.

4.  Best Known Pest takes all commercially reasonable precautions when providing services and is not responsible for any injury to persons, or damages to personal or real property resulting from the services except in cases of gross negligence.

5.  Customer upon entering into the agreement for services with Best Known Pest waives any claims, on behalf of themselves, their heirs and assigns, for any loss or damage to property or persons arising directly or indirectly from the services and release Best Known Pest, it owners, agents, employees and assigns from such claims.

6.  This Agreement shall be construed under the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Any claims under this agreement may only be brought before a court of competent jurisdiction in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.   If Best Known Pest  needs to rely on legal proceedings to collect fees owed by the Customer, Best Known Pest is entitled to receive legal expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees.

Applies To “Home Guard Plan” only : The term of this Agreement is for one year!

  • The annual fee, detailed on Agreement, is due on or before the renewal date, which is the anniversary of the date this Agreement is signed.
  • Failure to pay the annual fee shall result in termination of the Agreement, without further obligation on the part of Best Known Pest Control LLC.
  • The minimum number of inspections and treatments is subject to Customer scheduling and/or confirming the date and time for the inspections and/or treatments within the term of the Agreement.
  • Best Known Pest Control LLC does not arrive for inspections and treatments without a scheduled and confirmed date and time.
  • Best Known Pest Control LLC will make every reasonable effort (Email/Phone) to schedule the minimum number of inspections and treatments with the Customer, but is not liable for Customer’s failure to schedule and/or confirm same. If Customer does not receive the minimum number of inspections and/or treatments due to Customer’s failure to schedule or confirm, the Term of this Agreement will not be extended. And no additional appointments will be scheduled.
  • Additional services for pests listed will be provided at no additional charge. This agreement may be amended from time to time provided it is acceptable to both parties. The annual charge may be reviewed and increased not more than once every two years.