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Is your house being taken over by birds? Do your gutters appear to be clogged because of birds? Has a nest been discovered on your property? For Massachusetts homeowner, birds can become a major issue. They spread mites, ticks, and fleas, spread diseases and they can harm your roof and gutters.

If you are having a problem with birds on your property, the best thing to do is call a professional bird removal service. At Best Known Pest Control, we can help you with humane bird removal services that will safely and effectively remove the birds from your property. We will work with you to determine the best course of action for your specific situation, and we will make sure that the birds are removed in a way that is safe for them and for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our humane bird removal services.

Bird Infestations & Bird Removal

Most bird incursions take place behind closed doors. Birds build their nests in attics, unfinished ceilings, solar panels, walls, and outdoor architectural features. This means they can nest for extended periods of time, allowing the damage they wreak to accumulate over time. Even if birds do not live on your land, it may be their favorite gathering spot. They land on lights, outcroppings, and railings, leaving droppings and causing inconvenience to tourists.

The Consequences of Avoiding Bird Removal

  • Unappealing Droppings – Bird droppings amass around a bird’s nest or a favorite landing spot, coating walls, ledges, and the ground below. As a result, the setting is unappealing and requires frequent cleaning.
  • Disease – Aside from being unattractive, droppings can contain diseases like as avian influenza (also known as bird flu), salmonella, E. coli, and avian tuberculosis, which can all be transmitted to humans.
  • Corrosion – Paints, structural materials, and even metals are corroded by droppings. The droppings can eat through a surface if they accumulate on it.
  • Drains and Vents Clogged – A bird nest in a drainage system can cause flooding. Nests can also be discovered in vents, obstructing the flow of air.

Birds like to build their nests in warm places, which makes electrical equipment a popular location for them. If there is a spark, the accumulation of flammable nesting materials can cause a fire. 

If you have a nuisance bird problem, call Best Known Pest Control to learn more and to schedule a humane bird removal service, call 781-333-1998, or email us at or complete the website form on this page.

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