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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Squirrel?

Oct 13, 2023 | Pest Control News

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Squirrels are wily and can get inside your home in any number of ways, from the roof and attic to holes in screens. They’re trying to seek out warmth, shelter, and food, not to mention a safe place to have their babies. Once squirrels are inside your home, it’s very difficult to get them out without professional help.

The longer a squirrel is allowed to live in your house, the more damage they can do. It’s important to call for professional squirrel removal in Tewksbury at the first sign of this rodent on your property. While you may know the importance of removing squirrels promptly, you may wonder: how much is this going to cost me?.

Each situation is unique, but we can attempt to answer this question below.

The price tag of squirrel removal

The national average cost for squirrel removal is about $350, with most homeowners spending $200 to $650. However, the price you pay will depend heavily on the complexity of the job, how many squirrels are involved, the accessibility of the infested area, and how extensive the problem is. You could pay as little as $125 for straightforward removal of one offender, or even as much as $1,500 for extensive infestation involving multiple rodents, especially if the technicians can’t easily get to the affected area.

The method your pest control company uses to remove the squirrel will also contribute to cost.

For example, squirrel relocation on site can cost between $50 and $175, Relocating squirrels or any form of wildlife other than the property they were caught on is illegal in Mass.,squirrel traps can cost between $250 and $550, and squirrel exclusion doors can cost between $250 and $550. Let’s break these down further:

Squirrel Relocation

This general price will include the squirrel trap as well as the labor cost to remove the animal. You can also purchase the trap yourself and let the pest control company handle the actual removal and relocation (On site only).

Squirrel Traps

The price involved in this will include the price of trap installation as well as returning to relocate the rodents. Most pest control companies opt for this catch-and-release method of squirrel removal, as it’s more humane and avoids the health risk of a poisoned squirrel dying in your home.

Squirrel Exclusion Door

This price includes the removal cost, relocation cost, and installation of an exclusion door at the squirrel’s main entry point. This can also include sealing up other likely secondary access points.

Infestation Factors

As stated above, the price you pay will depend quite a bit on the level of infestation, which includes size and location.


If you’re only dealing with one or two problematic squirrels, you will pay as little as $200, up to $350. Medium-sized infestations (one family of squirrels) will cost you between $300 and $600. Large infestations (multiple nests) will cost you between $500 and $800. Extra large infestations, where your home is a refuge for dozens of squirrels with multiple nests, along with extensive damage to the property, could cost you between $1,000 and $1,500. This is an extreme case, though.


The location in which the squirrels have set up shop will also impact cost. One squirrel in an easy-to-access location will cost much less than it would to remove a significant infestation from a difficult-to-access area such as a corner of the attic.

Lawns, sheds, and basements are considered easier locations to work with than chimneys, garages, walls, attics, eaves, and ceilings (with ceilings being the most difficult due to the increased surface area and obvious access issues).

Other factors impacting cost

On top of the actual squirrel removal, there are other costs that may be involved once technicians inspect the area.

  • Additional Pest Control: Other pests such as fleas often hitch a ride on squirrels. Those insects multiply rapidly and can quickly spread to other areas of your house. You may also need flea extermination if you’ve had squirrels in your home for a long period of time. Also, if squirrels were able to get in your house, the chances are high that other creatures such as raccoons and opossums have as well.
  • Cleanup and Sanitizing: The cost of squirrel removal usually also involves the cost of cleanup, including nest removal, feces and urine cleanup, and sanitizing spray for decontamination.
  • Remedial Work: You may also have to pay for collateral damage done by the squirrels, such as chewed wires, damaged ductwork, and destroyed insulation.
  • Emergency Squirrel Removal: You’ll pay more if you’re calling about squirrel removal after hours or on weekends.
  • Inspection: If you are not sure whether or not squirrels are indeed in your home, you will have to pay for an initial inspection on top of the removal work.

As we said above, it’s hard to tell how much you will pay for squirrel removal. The only way to know for sure is to call us for an inspection.

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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Squirrel?
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