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The Multitudinous German Cockroaches

Jun 13, 2022 | Pest Control News

The number of cockroaches that exist worldwide is more than fascinating.Nearly 4,500 species exist while only about 70 exist within the United States. Here in New England we deal with five species directly. Some types are known as the Brown banded, Oriental, American, Smoky Brown, and lastly the the German Cockroach.

German Roaches are exclusively the number one roach we deal with on a regular basis.Most commonly found  in commercial and residential kitchens and bathrooms they prefer warm moist areas to thrive; surviving behind all major appliances, as well as squeezing in unsuspecting areas between tights spaces as small as 1/16th of an inch. German roaches love tight spots all together and especially like them when feeding. They are known as being positively “thigmotactic” meaning they prefer contact or touch with surrounding surfaces. Keep in mind these insects can also run up to to three miles per hour either outside or within the confined space in which they nest.

Where to Look

No matter the setting German Roches will live anywhere given the right conditions. Even though they prefer specific areas that are dark & moist they have been found in harborage areas such as draperies, wall hangings, baseboard heaters, closets, Bed frames, Boxes, furniture, luggage,  wall voids and much more.

What Do German Roaches Eat

German Roaches will consume almost anything such as glues, meats, trash, dead insects, breads and even each other known as Cannibalism. German roaches are also Coprophagic meaning they feed on feces whether animal or human. They tend to have a very opportunistic diet. It doesn’t hurt to add that they are also nocturnal and like to venture out looking for their next meal when no one is around; of course this depends solely on the infestation level but may very well be seen in broad day light if conditions are adequate.

Behavior & Control

Within a years time German Roaches produce up to five or more egg capsules known as ootheca. Each ootheca can contain as many as 50 Eggs. While German roaches reach sexual maturity in about three months it only takes about 20 days for each ootheca to hatch. On top of that German roaches only need to be inseminated once to continue reproducing. Overall a single female can lay about 6 to 14 roaches in her lifetime only mating just once. Imagine a person being able to have up to 14 children after only being with a sexual partner one time!

This incredible reproductive rate makes control that much more difficult when comparing control methods to that of other pests. Best control practices begin with decluttering and sanitation. This includes areas such as kitchens and food storage getting rid of open food sources that are attractable too roaches. Cleaning horizontal and vertical surfaces with a disinfectant and taking out all trash on a regular basis. If roach issues continue to persist even after all recommendations have been followed its best to get professional help. Most Cockroaches populations can one knocked down considerably with the use of different pesticides as well as other tools to control roach infestations. It is always best to leave this part up to a professional so they can begin with the safest methods of elimination and follow best protocol for pesticide use, and exclude any possible entry points to begin the pest proofing process.

Experiencing an ongoing issue or want to prevent a a potential roach infestation?

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Author: Brendan Walsh

Best Known Pest Control

The Multitudinous German Cockroaches
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