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Whether you have a hornet invasion in your North Reading yard or a rodent invasion in your attic, trust the experts at Best Known Pest Control. While we are based in Tewksbury, we service homes and businesses throughout North Reading and beyond. With services ranging from residential and commercial pest control to humane wildlife removal and chimney caps, we do it all for pest removal in North Reading.

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All about North Reading

We enjoy working throughout North Reading, a town in Middlesex County home to 25,000 and counting. Bordered by Andover, North Andover, Middleton, Lynnfield, Reading, and Wilmington, North Reading is a tight-knit suburban town that lies entirely within the Ipswich River watershed. Established in 1853, this beautiful town is home to many well-preserved houses dating back to 1730. Its rich history and tree-lined streets make North Reading a desirable place to live and work.

Unfortunately, as with any town, North Reading has its share of pests and wildlife that can encroach on your peaceful state of living. The town is plagued by all the usual suspects when it comes to insects and rodents, such as mice, rats, hornets, wasps, ants, and termites. On the wildlife side, you’ll mostly find squirrels, bats, raccoons, birds, opossums and skunks. You may also get the occasional deer, gray fox, fisher cat, and even coyote due to the high concentration of wooded areas here.

Interesting facts about pests in North Reading

Over our many years in business, we have come to know the types of pests that plague this area of the state. Here are a few interesting facts about pests and animals in North Reading.

  • Yellow jackets, paper wasps, and bald faced hornets are all common aggressive wasps native to Massachusetts.
  • The house mouse, deer mouse, and white-footed mouse are the most common types of mice in this area.
  • Young skunks are born in April and May, emerging from their dens in mid-June. They are active at night when the weather is warm, so be careful on your nightly walks with Fido.
  • European starlings, woodpeckers, English sparrows, and crows are nuisance birds common to this area.

Different seasons pose different challenges for us here at Best Known Pest Control. Many animals don’t hibernate and are active all year long, such as opossums and raccoons, even though they may be less active in winter. Hornets and wasps are a common problem during summer and early fall, while rodents are a year-round problem.

Mice and rats will seek shelter indoors when the weather turns cold so they can breed, feed and get warm. The eastern subterranean termite, common to this region, typically swarms during the day time between March and May.

Pest control services offered in North Reading

Best Known Pest Control offers a variety of pest removal in North Reading, including:

  • Residential pest control (ants, termites, hornets and wasps, rodents, nuisance animals)
  • Commercial pest control
  • Wildlife removal (squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, opossums, skunks)
  • Chimney caps and vent covers

We also offer a Home Guard Plan, which is our annual pest control plan that includes a spring and fall inspection and treatment, as well as any additional visits needed to treat pests throughout the year. Our Home Guard Plan in North Reading covers ants, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, centipedes, earwigs, mice, pill bugs, rats, roaches, silverfish, spiders and wasps.

Best Known Pest Tips for North Reading

Whether you have ants, mice or raccoons, there are a few things you can do to keep pests and wildlife out of your North Reading home or yard.

  1. Keep trash cans tightly covered outdoors.
  2. Clean up spills and crumbs in the kitchen immediately.
  3. Store human and pet food in airtight containers.
  4. Seals holes and cracks on the exterior of your home.
  5. Rinse out your recyclables.
  6. Reduce clutter inside the home.
  7. Don’t stack firewood right up against the foundation.

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Case Studies for North Reading

Ethel Little School N. Reading Ma

North Reading Ethel Little school

In Sept. 2020, Best Known Pest Control LLC took quick and affirmative action to resolve an ongoing bat issue at the North Reading Ethel Little school. By placing a series of bat cones at multiple locations along the roof perimeter where bats were entering from, all bats were able to safely and effectively exit through the cones and emerge in the wild where they belong.

Bats are beneficial and eat up to 1000 insects per hour so it is vital we keep them away from the inside of our homes and manmade structures. Prior to this successful bat service from Best Known Pest control, Brendan (the owner) was able to successfully locate and remove a bat that was on the loose in the faculty hallway. He was quick to take action and evict the bats fully once and for all.


Here at Best Known Pest Control, we get lots of questions from customers in North Reading. The most common are: 

Do you offer real estate inspections in North Reading?

Yes we do! If you are buying a home, condo, multifamily or business in North Reading, we can perform your VA/FHA Compliant Real Estate Pest Inspection.

I think I have a termite infestation. What are the signs?

Some signs you may have termites in your North Reading home include colored or drooping drywall, peeling paint, hollow-sounding wood when tapped, buckling floorboards, pinpoint holes in drywall, stuck windows and doors, mud tubes climbing the foundation, and piles of discarded wings on windowsills. The only way to know for certain is to hire us for an inspection. Then we can recommend the best course of action.

How long does it take to see results after the initial treatment?

It will depend on the type of pests, treatment method and product used. For example, you will see immediate results when we remove or spray a yellow jacket nest, but the process is longer with baits used for rodents, ants and termites because they have to ingest the product to be effective.

Can’t I just try and DIY my pest problem?

You can try, but you likely won’t have success, at least over the long term. That’s because pests are resilient and can enter your home from the tiniest of cracks so they’re hard to get rid of. Also, the products sold over the counter are not as strong or effective as the ones professionals use. Licensed pest control professionals in North Reading can apply the most effective pesticides and use the most effective removal practices that are proven to work.

Reviews/testimonials for North Reading

Check out what our valued customers are saying about us!

“Owner of this company was very professional. He gave me several options in order to alleviate the problem I was having. I appreciate it for the choices he gave me and his prices were also very fair.”

– Stephen B

“Professional is all he does… customer care and satisfaction is clearly a top priority. Knows his stuff and explains everything clearly. Recommend without hesitation!”

– Gerald W

“I have to say for the record Best Known Pest Control is a company I would recommend to anyone who needs services of humanely removing of rodents, squirrels or any other pesky animals. Brendan Walsh, owner is the utmost of professionalism and dependability. Do not hesitate to contact this company and don’t hesitate to contact me for additional comments.”

– Sal M

“Brendan is fantastic. My fiancé and I found a wasp nest on the side of our house, and Brendan came out to see us within 2 days. Not a week later, we found another nest, and he came out on the same day! This is a company that cares and goes the extra mile, so I’ll definitely be calling them again in the future.”

 – Meredith B


Take a look at the pest control projects we have undertaken recently in your town of North Reading.

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